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Facevaluu have provided outstanding graphic design, web site design and content management for the East London Line and Transport for London. Unlike most other contractors, they always put the need of the client first. You will not be locked into valueless retaining contracts and required to repeatedly pay for unecessary liscencing. I totally trust and recommend them to any organisation.

East London Line, Transport for London
Whether you are a small start-up business or a multi-national corporation, the image you portray to your customers is vital. Many businesses are unaware of the first impression they give to their potential clients. Very often the corporate identity is neglected or left as an afterthought although it can be of equal importance to the quality of services or products provided.

Depending on the corporate image, a small start-up single person run business can portray and give customers the trustworthy feel equal to that of a well established successful company and similarly a well established large corporation can also portray an image worthy of its success.

So don't choose Times New Roman for your logo because that's the best font you have or choose red and blue because those are your favourite colours. Whether it's your company logo, website design, stationery, promotional material, product design or interior design and furnishing of your business premises, facevaluu can help! Contact us today to see how we can restyle your business.

So why choose us?

What can you offer my business?
We can offer you a consultation to determine the effectiveness of your corporate identity and advise where it can be improved and how. We then offer you our broad range of design services that you can choose to implement.

My corporate identity is fine, I've been using it for years and no-one has complained, why change it?
Your corporate identity may have served you well so far, but do you really know how much business you didn't get because your competitors appeared better to your clients? Or maybe you are only getting a limited type of customer with your current identity. A fresh look can appeal to a larger client base as well as spark new interest from existing clients.

I have loads of fonts and templates on my computer, why can't I do it myself?
You can design your own logo and stationery or get a local printing firm to do it for you, but even if your logo and stationery looks relatively professional, it will probably look very similar to the thousands of other people who have used the same templates and standard styles. You want to stand out from the crowd.

I am an artistic person and can design a good logo myself.
An identity is not only how good it looks but also how appropriate it is for your customers. We evaluate your business and clients and provide original concepts that we believe are suitable for your style of business.

What's the difference between your company and a graphic design firm?
Graphic design is just one element of your corporate identity. As well as having graphics that look good, it is more important to have graphics that look suitable to your business and clients and encompass who you are. We are also graphic design experts and have a high level of experience in web site development as well as product and interior design. We can look at your entire business design requirements, enabling you to deal with just one company.

It sounds like all this will cost a lot.
It can cost much less than you might expect. In addition you get to choose the level of development you would like and it can all be done in stages. After all, the initial extra clients you would attract could pay for years of improved identity, which again would lead to many more clients.

So contact us today and let us create or redefine your corporate identity.